Terrapin: making good Terraform modules

Terrapin: making good Terraform modules

You are reading the second blog post in the series about using Terraform continuously. In the previous one I outlined common traits in Terraform modules.

Once more, the list of keywords describing common traits is: not clean code, inextensible module features, tests, defaults, examples, documentation, lifecycle, versioning, security.

Today, let me introduce a new open-source project called Terrapin. In a nutshell Terrapin is a Terraform modules generator.

The ultimate goal of Terrapin is to automatically generate structured, tested, easy-extendable and well-documented Terraform modules with predictable versioning strategy.

Being a new project now it can only generate structured, extendable, documented and testable code (all with varying level of success).

There is already a documentation and sample module available.

Open an issue on github, if there is anything you want to ask or leave a feedback.

Thank you!