Today I have passed my 3rd AWS certification - AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional and I want to share some of my thoughts. Before that I have passed AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate and AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate

First, there is not enough blog posts from people who passed AWS DevOps certification, so it was hard to find helpful material to prepare myself. I found only 2 blog posts:

I have been taking CSA-Associate 2 weeks ago and then have been preparing for DevOps mainly during last 3 days (3 complete days where only food and sleep existed, I am not kidding; sorry my little kids).

Here are some comments from myself for those who want to pass it:

  • Read documentation very carefully about these services - AutoScaling, CloudFormation, CloudTrail, CloudWatch, Elastic Beanstalk, OpsWorks - all these took me 70% of my time for preparation. I have learned a lot.
  • Take practice test, but don’t be very much upset if you fail (I failed it 3/3 times in this order - 50%, 45%, 35%). All 3 times questions were exactly the same! Since I was performing worse and worse I was rather upset, but still concentrate enough during real test, because it started with pretty easy questions and it sets correct mood for me (probably).
  • Read (and be able to try yourself things you normally don’t deal with - for me it was opsworks) things outlined in “detailed thoughts” above. I almost have nothing to add there, because my set of questions was covered by all of those.
  • Right before exam I was clicking through cloudwatch logs and it helped me to find correct answer during test. I am not active user of cloudwatch logs, probably.

Time was not a big constrain for me, because I knew that I have to hurry up and rather mark for review and think about it at the end. I had 8 questions to review.

Wording in some questions is simply wrong and for me, as not native english speaker, it was important to grep keywords (name of APIs, features and services). Once I see unknown word or feature of service I skip to another possible answer and don’t even read the wrong one. It was very important to not pollute my head, but rather run map-reduce continuously :)

Overall Score: 81%

Time to prepare for CSA-Pro and celebrate New Year!