This post was written for Symfony 2.0 long time ago. Things below may not work any more.

Recently I used to add very plain text search to and since I’m using Elastic Search with FOQElasticaBundle it was easy to achieve.

$textQuery = new \Elastica_Query_QueryString();
$textQuery->setFields(array("address", "name", "city", "searchPartNames", "searchCompanyName"));

$tmpTexts = array();
foreach (explode(" ", $selectedText) as $oneWord) {
    $oneWord = trim($oneWord);
    if ($oneWord == "")
    if (preg_match("/^[0-9]+/", $oneWord)) {
        $tmpTexts[] = $oneWord;
    } else {
        $tmpTexts[] = $oneWord . "*";
$selectedText = implode(" ", $tmpTexts);

Added star-wildcard after all words, but not after numbers, so that user is able to find correct building address located on Drammensgt or Drammensvn if he searches for “Drammens 171”.